Shipping & Mailing

TBusiness Servicesrust TimeKeepers for all your shipping and package mailing needs!

Our company in Lynden, Washington, offers mailbox rentals, packaging, and shipping for personal and commercial use. With more than sixteen years of combined experience, rest assured that your mail is delivered with care.

Reliable Packaging & Shipping

Let us do the worDHLk for you. With boxes and packaging materials available, our highly trained staff prepares and sends your items in a timely manner. For your shipping service, we choose the most cost-efficient mailing company by comparing prices from  UPS™, and USPS™.

Additionally, we offer DHL Shipping and international air shipping, as well as tracking and insurance.


About Receiving Packages

We accept deliveries from all freight carriers. You do not have to have a private mailbox to have a package delivered to our company. To receive a package, you pay the regular parcel receiving fee of $5.00, that fee is only $1.00 for mailbox owners.

Package receiving fees are good for 30 days. After 30 days there is a storage fee of $0.25 per day, per package and $0.50 for over-sized packages. For packages that are left for more than 30 days, arrangements must be made before you pick up the item so we have it ready for your arrival.

Moreover, for shipments that are being received on pallets, prior arrangements must be made, because we do not have constant access to a forklift.

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